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Needing a web site designed and not sure what to do or where to go? Don't want to spend more than your business is worth right now? Our high quality designs are perfect for getting your business on the internet map, because let's face it, you want your business online but don't know the details of how to do it...That is where we come in!!

Who needs a web site?

Doctors, plumbers, groomers, lawn professionals, lawyers, restaurants, daycare, music artists, photographers, interior designers, mechanics, stores, small businesses, larges businesses... pretty much anyone who needs more business or wants to get their business out there to a wider audience and essentially want to make MORE MONEY!!


How can iCreate Graphics help?

Our skills in graphics and web design can help your company benefit immediately from our knowledge and experience in the web layout and look for your site. We specialize in creating top quality designs, whether through print ads or through web design sites.

To create an effective web site takes much more than HTML coding. It takes advanced programming, graphic design, and navigation layout skills. ICreate Graphics brings 10+ years experience with these skills to your business or personal site.

Web sites are not created equal and each web site has a unique identity, different services or products, and distinct objectives. Our job is to create a web site, which will emphasize, promote, and sell your company's products and services.


Why should I need or care about my web site?

A web site speaks volumes about your company's attitude, its products & services, its stability, its integrity, and professionalism. The best sites project quality, strength, longevity and dependability. On the other hand, a poorly designed and constructed site speaks loudly about a lack of commitment to quality that will be associated with the company's products and services. In this instance, it's better to have NO web site than one that does damage to your company's reputation because as they say the "world" is watching when it pertains to websites.

A site that doesn't fit the screen, takes forever to download, is a navigation nightmare, is filled with irritating non-fatal errors, bad links, misspelled words, or a totally boring page, are deadly disasters on the internet. Your audience will immediately be turned off the first time and will not give you a second chance! Putting your business on the Internet under these circumstances is a bad business decision and a waste of your hard earned money. Simply put, you only have one chance to make a first impression… Your web site is your first impression!

Web Design


Why not have my friend who knows a little bit about web stuff do it?

You could think you're going to save money by getting a "beginner" to throw some web pages together for you, but before you entrust someone with the responsibility of creating a web site to present your company image to the global community, stop and ask yourself...do they have the programming and design skills to create a web presence which will enhance my company's image rather than harm it? Are they familiar with search engine optimization, web presence enhancement, proper web navigation and layout, or something as complex as PHP and CSS programming language?

If not, the web site will cost you much more money in the long run, than the small amount of money you initially saved. A well-conceived site, with business savvy built-in from the start, can generate a far greater return on your web site investment.  Another problem that usually occurs when you have someone design a site under these circumstances, what happens when you need to make updates or changes?  Where did they go?  Or why are they taking so long to complete it? Because you are not paying them enough to care, so they take their time and eventually you are stuck with a half working site that no one cares to visit. This happens a lot as people don’t know where to turn and then let their site go without keeping it up to date. So potential customers see that is the way you do business exactly as your website comes across....you don't follow through. Is that what you want?

We invite you to contact us to discuss a web site for your business and receive a personal quotation. Initial telephone consultation or an in person interview is FREE of charge! So you have nothing to lose, contact us today for a free quote!!



Web Site Redesign

Already currently have a web site? No problem, we can help with that also. Trying to decide if you may need your web site redesigned? We offer solutions that can be cost effective to turn your current site into something you can be proud of and make customers enjoy going to. If you are pleased with your site and just need a little "freshening" up, we can help with that also. You also want to keep your site up to date as people go to site more than they come in your business.

Should you redesign your site? Ask yourself the following questions:

      • How does my site look overall?
      • Does my web site reach the audience it is suppose to?
      • What type of web site do my competitors have? Is it better a better design?
      • Does you web site look clean and professional?
      • Does my site come up in search engines?
      • Does my site offer clean and easy navigation?
      • Are my images up to date?
      • Do my pages load fast?
      • Does my site serve its purpose?
      • Is my site user-friendly?
      • Do I want something different?
      • When was the last time I updated my web site?

We can help with simple updates or complex restructuring of your site to meet your end goal of producing a site that your customers will enjoy going to and not just feel like a pain to visit. Let us help you build the site of your dreams! Contact us today!


Web Templates

Want to design a site yourself?  Want to purchase a pre-designed site and have us customize it for you?

ICreate Graphics offers web site templates, flash templates and other products are ready-made web designs, that can be used as a basis for fast and high-quality web site. Our web site templates, flash templates and all other products are completely customizable and ready for immediate use.

We at iCreate Graphics do our best to provide you with web templates and designs of premium quality.

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